Partner companies & projects

Cineworld Lünen ( Nennmann & Thies Kinobetriebs GmbH – Im Hagen 3 – 44532 Lünen )

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CinemaxX Solingen ( CinemaxX Solingen GmbH – Mühlenplatz 1 – 42651 Solingen )

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Filmzeche Hollywood ( Hertener Kinobetriebs GmbH – Kaiserstraße 73 – 45699 Herten )

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Miscellaneous projects

From September 2005 to September 2010, Lutz Nennmann and Meinolf Thies worked in the DVD business, which is closely linked with the cinema industry. Two new automated DVD machines at locations in Grevenbroich and Elmshorn that focused on the rental and sale of DVDs were operated by DVDthek GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded specifically for this purpose, in cooperation with DVDthek Verwaltungs GmbH. After five years, the two business partners made a strategic decision to part with the business by selling the branches.

With ZweiPunktNull Vertriebs UG and the ZweiPunktNull Portal S.R.L. founded in Romania, the two business partners (Lutz Nennmann and Meinolf Thies), in cooperation with Mr. Benjamin Zaczek of Bochum, departed on a business venture into the quite attractive, modern web 2.0 internet portals in 2009.

The admittedly somewhat provocative name "" (roughly translated, "") aims to illustrate – tongue-in-cheek – all of the potential for irritation and complaints in this world for  things that, well, go wrong (although they shouldn’t) in the form of videos or text contributions submitted by interested parties and active users in Germany. The concept of the project was to offer a portal for blowing off steam for all those people whose problems with companies, government authorities, products and similar such things fell on deaf ears.

While the world provides no shortage of irritations, finding a steady frequency of users who get excited about an idea is more difficult. The project was discontinued in 2010 and the companies liquidated.



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Finally our new Website is online. We are glad to welcome a lot of new visitors.



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