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Meinolf Thies – managing partner since 2003

Thies MeinolfAs a trained and experienced banker, Meinolf Thies, born in 1964, began his career in the cinema industry for United Cinemas International Multiplex GmbH in Bochum, Germany. He served as general manager for this company at Germany’s first multiplex cinema in Hürth near Cologne and completed a several month-long, on-the-job training at several UCI cinemas in Great Britain.

On 1 August 1991 the switch to the CinemaxX Group took place in celebration of the opening of what is still Germany’s largest multiplex cinema to the present day with its 16 theatres and more than 5,100 seats, the CinemaxX in Essen. Meinolf Thies became the cinema’s first manager.

During the first quarter of 1994, a company-internal change to “CinemaxX Deutschland”, with its headquarters in Hamburg, took place. Meinolf Thies took over management of the newly created “Multiplex Organisation” department.

From January 1996 to July 2003 he held additional, high-responsibility posts at CinemaxX AG as manager of Cinema Organisation & Operations, member of the Board of Directors and authorised signatory for the CinemaxX Group in Germany.

Beginning in 2001 Meinolf Thies was incorporated and given parallel responsibility in the foreign expansion of CinemaxX. He helped in the opening of CinemaxX locations in Switzerland, Turkey and Denmark and was a member of the board of directors of the Danish subsidiary.

From 1997 to the present day, Meinolf Thies has been or is an active and even formative member of certain industry-specific associations such as HDF KINO e.V. / Cineropa e.V. / ar.di e.V. and/or the Kinofestkomitee (cinema festival committee) in Lünen.

From 2003 to the present day, Meinolf Thies has been a manager and managing partner of several companies directly involved in the cinema, film and leisure industry – see partners – and during this time has began and accomplished further professional activities alongside the key sphere of cinemas.

When Meinolf Thies is not working, he likes to dedicate himself (time permitting, as the chef himself) to food, good wine, “dear-to-his heart FC Schalke 04” and generally what is going on in the world of sport. Occasionally he runs or works out for his own fitness.


Anja Thies – managing partner since 2009

Trained as an industrial business management assistant, Anja Thies completed her extra occupational associate’s degree for purchasing and logistics. Throughout this entire time, Anja Thies worked at the Schwing Group, which holds a leading position in the production of cement pumps.

In 2006, Anja Thies joined Consulthies GmbH initially as deputy manager.

In 2008, hile serving as deputy manager, Anja Thies and Meinolf Thies, who was managing partner, took over the former CinemaxX cinema in Herten – today Filmzeche Hollywood (Hertener Kinobetriebs GmbH – see partners).

In December 2009 Anja Thies took on the post as equal managing partner.

Anja Thies spends her free time doing sports.



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